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Illustration: Furniture


Illustration: Human Figure Drawing and Texturing

I added texture using Adobe Illustrator Filter Gallery.

Illustration: Scratchboard Drawing


Illustration: Virtual Incubus

I once heard a radio talk. The topic is about elementals. What the author is saying is that not all that we see or meet are humans. Others could be elementals who transform… Continue reading

Illustration: Macintosh 1984

Steve Jobs presented the Macintosh in 1984 together with Adobe software. This is could be the reason why Mac is designed for artists. 

Illustration: UNIVAC

UNIVAC stands for Universal Automatic Computer. It made history. Do you remember it? I believe that technology itself is a great subject for visual arts. 

Doodles: Wisdom

Reference: Proverbs

Infographics: Cloud Computing Post-mortem Implementation

This is inspired by the Mexican Dia delos Muertos celebration. 

Infographics: Snail & E-Mail

Email is cloud-based right from the start. For the corporate they maintain their own email systems like IBM Lotus notes and Microsoft Outlook. The pioneers in email are Yahoo and AOL. Google introduced… Continue reading

Illustration: Comic Portrait 20170415