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Grunge Food Photography: Tomatoes

I “restarted” to study food photography in preparation for next year. Since I found it hard to compose, i add grunge touch through Photoshop – so ME.  I like it! Advertisements

Food Photography: Bourbon Whiskey, Cherries and Chocolate

Ingredients John Lee Straight Bourbon Whiskey Cherries Cadbury Chocolate Drink   Crashed the cherries then add hot water. Add 3 bottle caps of whiskey then add the chocolate powder. Stir.

Nachos at Chilli’s Greenbelt

Photography: San Miguel Cervesa Negra

Food Photography: Meaty

Packaging Design: Bottles and Acrylics

I found Soya Milk bottle beautiful. So after drinking them I applied acrylic paints.

The Punk & Brick Texturing

I was looking for tracing paper when I saw this Thai Guardian The Punk with the message “He will keep your heart Full of Fun and Joy.” He’s very cute and even if… Continue reading

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: White Balance, Ciabatta Milano & Hotdogs

Nikon D610, Nikkor 50mm Manual, Shutter 1/6, Aperture F16 ISO 250, White Balance Daylight


Specification: Nikon D610, Nikkor 50mm Manual, Aperture F16, Shutter 1/15 Lighting System: Softboxes – Key Light and Fill Light, Reflector


Nikon D610, Nikkor 50mm Manual Mode, Aperture F13, Shutter 13 Lighting System: Softboxes – Key Light and Fill Light, White Reflector