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SORRY FOR INCONVENIENCE This is a story about a high school boy being disqualified from a fraternity group in the school. One night he went home with face bruised perhaps caused by his… Continue reading

Report Format

Report Format from Oxi Pulido A. Creating Presentation Select important contents. Do not put the entire narrative in the presentation. Maximum of 20 slides. Present video related to the topic. Be conscious about… Continue reading

Infographics Guidelines


About Texturing

As I study Grunge Design, I realized that what makes a design grungy is the distressed texture – stained, scratched, faded, washed, decaying, uneven, torn, leaking and cracked. As much as I want… Continue reading

Graphic Design Research: Logo Design

DESIGN RATIONAL by Ox 20170624 Illustration Style: Typeface, freehand and grunge Typography: Letter Gothic STD, Times New Roman and Arial Color Scheme: Black C = 0, Y = 0, M = 0, K… Continue reading

Graphic Design Research: Enhancement of Graphic Design Services & Web-based Portfolio

Enhancement of Graphic Design Services & Web-based Portfolio from Oxi Pulido

Infographics: Iconic Computers & Realism

I made this infographic as part of my research paper on one of my subject. This is my first attempt torepresent my illustration as 90s Old School when the use of graphic software… Continue reading

The Role of Multimedia Arts to Virtual Reality

The Role of Multimedia Arts to Virtual Reality from Oxi Pulido Rationalism Rationalism refers to any view appealing to intellectual and deductive reason as the source of knowledge or justification. Rather than to… Continue reading

S.D Noam Cook: “Technological Revolutions & the Gutenberg Myth” in Internet Dreams (1997)

S.D Noam Cook: "Technological Revolutions & the Gutenberg Myth" in Internet Dreams (1997) from Oxi Pulido ABSTRACT This article aims to synthesize the studies of Manovich’s New Media Theory, Cook’s Gutenberg Myth, Robins,… Continue reading

Research Study on the Structure of Comics