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Grunge Food Photography: Tomatoes

I “restarted” to study food photography in preparation for next year. Since I found it hard to compose, i add grunge touch through Photoshop – so ME.  I like it! Advertisements

Packaging Design Whiskey

I started to create packaging design staring with bottle labels. I choose whiskey and beer because they need bold graphics. Here are some few tips: Research on ingredients. I used rye. Invest time… Continue reading

About Texturing

As I study Grunge Design, I realized that what makes a design grungy is the distressed texture – stained, scratched, faded, washed, decaying, uneven, torn, leaking and cracked. As much as I want… Continue reading

The Punk & Brick Texturing

I was looking for tracing paper when I saw this Thai Guardian The Punk with the message “He will keep your heart Full of Fun and Joy.” He’s very cute and even if… Continue reading

Graphic Design Research: Logo Design

DESIGN RATIONAL by Ox 20170624 Illustration Style: Typeface, freehand and grunge Typography: Letter Gothic STD, Times New Roman and Arial Color Scheme: Black C = 0, Y = 0, M = 0, K… Continue reading

Infographics: 1990s Grunge Frontmen

Grunge music is a revolutionary phenomena that changed arts and mass culture. To powerful that it brought underground music overground. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana was credited for this revolution. Other bands that also… Continue reading

Lifestyle Photography: Is American Eagle Outfitters Shirt Really Soft & Sexy or is it Grungy?

My friends advised me to changed my settings. So I used Auto white balance and Manual setting – and yes  I was able to capture the right color. I realized that the colors… Continue reading