Illustration: Comic Portrait 20170415


Videography: What is Technology Infrastructure?

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Videography: Informatics Megamall, Digital Photography Class 201702

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Managing IT Infrastructure Project

Information Technology has revolutionized today’s business process thus the corporate industries rely to its digital capabilities. Services from banking, shopping and purchasing informative goods like ebooks and music are made available to consumers… Continue reading

Doodles: New Landscape

There are things in this world that we need to leave behind. And there are things we need to bring with us. We need to GROW UP and learn to trust and SHARE… Continue reading

Doodles: Grotesque Landscape

During World War II, technology was so much exploited. High end mainframes were used by the Command Center to detect impending attack and control missiles to blast the enemy’s camp. How ironic that… Continue reading

Illustration: Comic Portrait

Illustration: Heartbreak Fast

Illustration: Pop

I watched Andy Warhol documentary and do my research on Pop Art.

Illustration: Lines

I’m filled with anxiety. There’s the dark imagination of Director’s Office.