Ocean Design Series: Space

I used the element of Negative Space. There are lots of empty space like the body of the shark, landscape, orange sky and grayish waves. Advertisements

Ocean Design Series: Movement

I added the principle of Movement and Emphasis. Movement can be seen through waves while emphasis is through moving the red creatures at the back of the opaqued waves to allowing the sharks… Continue reading

Ocean Design Series: Vector Pattern

I was working on packaging design with ocean theme when I had an inquiry. So I made a pattern design with the same concept. Indeed this may look a bit different from my… Continue reading

Packaging Design Whiskey

I started to create packaging design staring with bottle labels. I choose whiskey and beer because they need bold graphics. Here are some few tips: Research on ingredients. I used rye. Invest time… Continue reading

Semalt Expert: Why & How To Report On Internal And External Traffic In Google Analytics

When it comes to setting up a Google Analytics account, it is vital that you can distinguish the internal sources of traffic from the external sources. We usually start off by obtaining your… Continue reading

Production Book: Between Animated Music Video (Song by Jerry Cantrell)

I. SYNOPSIS An Information Professional man named Jerry works on a Data Ceter and studies Masteral at the same time. It appears that everyday seems to be light and easy. An untimely disaster… Continue reading

What’s Different About Packaging Design

Packaging Design seems to be easy. But there’s something special about it. Of all the print media design, packaging design requires a 3 Dimensional representation. You need to cut the die lines then… Continue reading


SORRY FOR INCONVENIENCE This is a story about a high school boy being disqualified from a fraternity group in the school. One night he went home with face bruised perhaps caused by his… Continue reading

What makes an IT?

Information Technology Group is composed of the following: Architecture and Project Mgt to design solution to improve IT services. Application Development that builds front end. Operations Support to manage business requests and incidents.… Continue reading

Infographics: Cloud Services