What makes an IT?

Information Technology Group is composed of the following: Architecture and Project Mgt to design solution to improve IT services. Application Development that builds front end. Operations Support to manage business requests and incidents.… Continue reading

Infographics: Cloud Services

Report Format

Report Format from Oxi Pulido A. Creating Presentation Select important contents. Do not put the entire narrative in the presentation. Maximum of 20 slides. Present video related to the topic. Be conscious about… Continue reading

Infographics Guidelines

Infographics guidelines from Oxi Pulido

Thinking Not Outside But Rather How to Make a Box 

I was asked if I can teach packaging design. As part of vector graphics crash course, indeed I can make one in Adobe Illustrator. On the second thought I guess I should start… Continue reading

About Texturing

As I study Grunge Design, I realized that what makes a design grungy is the distressed texture – stained, scratched, faded, washed, decaying, uneven, torn, leaking and cracked. As much as I want… Continue reading

The Punk & Brick Texturing

I was looking for tracing paper when I saw this Thai Guardian The Punk with the message “He will keep your heart Full of Fun and Joy.” He’s very cute and even if… Continue reading

Angry Chair

I grew up listening to Alice in Chains songs. One of my favorite is Angry Chair. It has a highly visual lyrics I can see each line in my mind’s eye. I tend… Continue reading

Graphic Design Research: Logo Design

DESIGN RATIONAL by Ox 20170624 Illustration Style: Typeface, freehand and grunge Typography: Letter Gothic STD, Times New Roman and Arial Color Scheme: Black C = 0, Y = 0, M = 0, K… Continue reading

Graphic Design Research: Enhancement of Graphic Design Services & Web-based Portfolio

Enhancement of Graphic Design Services & Web-based Portfolio from Oxi Pulido