Packaging & Ocean Design Series 7 : Tuna Burger & Photo Setting

The second hardest part to do packaging is how to photoshoot it. I thought that approach in food photography would apply to this. Also, I noticed that I have a poor lighting on… Continue reading

Milestone: 252 Views from Linkedin

Packaging & Ocean Design 6: Isosceles Trapezoid Squid Pasta Food Takeout

Design Rationale What I have in my mind when I was working on this is the Old Spaghetti House Pasta Negra. Instead of the usual tomato sauce used for a pasta, Squid ink… Continue reading

Ocean Design Series 5: Longfin Bar & Restaurant Logo Design

DESIGN RATIONALE As I do my packaging design for shrimp pizza, squid pasta and pirate rhum, what I have thought is to consolidate them into one bar and restaurant. Which means there’s no… Continue reading

Packaging Design: Deep Tuck Box

Packaging Design: Bottles and Acrylics

I found Soya Milk bottle beautiful. So after drinking them I applied acrylic paints.

Packaging & Ocean Design Series 4

  I experimented on packaging design by using acrylic paint to design the packaging. Procedures Create die lines in Bristol Board using pencil, T-square and Triangle. Use French curves for round corners. Use… Continue reading

Ocean Design Series: Space

I used the element of Negative Space. There are lots of empty space like the body of the shark, landscape, orange sky and grayish waves.

Ocean Design Series: Movement

I added the principle of Movement and Emphasis. Movement can be seen through waves while emphasis is through moving the red creatures at the back of the opaqued waves to allowing the sharks… Continue reading

Ocean Design Series: Vector Pattern

I was working on packaging design with ocean theme when I had an inquiry. So I made a pattern design with the same concept. Indeed this may look a bit different from my… Continue reading