Food Photography: Bourbon Whiskey, Cherries and Chocolate

Ingredients John Lee Straight Bourbon Whiskey Cherries Cadbury Chocolate Drink   Crashed the cherries then add hot water. Add 3 bottle caps of whiskey then add the chocolate powder. Stir. Advertisements

Photography: Cheesecake

Instagram Effect Using Photoshop


Nachos at Chilli’s Greenbelt

Freelance Magnet

Photography: San Miguel Cerveza Negra II

Photography: San Miguel Cervesa Negra

Food Photography: Meaty

Ocean Design Series 9: Pirate Skull Bitcoin

I made this as a sample bitcoin t-shirt design. Instead of using skull, I used Pirate because they  lust for treasures and bitcoins are digital treasures nowadays. #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #patterndesign #graphicarts #ocean @sea… Continue reading

Ocean Design Series 8: Food Menu & Indesign

I used Indesign to create the layout of  this Menu. Indesign can import various files like vector, JPEG and even spreadsheets (like that of the menu list).