Infographics: Life in the 90s

Since there’s a plenty of time to rest, I opened my guitar case, surf on the internet, searched for chords and played my guitar. Everything just flashed back. The way things were done… Continue reading

Illustration: In the Field

I used ballpen on drawing this Illustration. Good thing is that the strokes are not leaky or curvy. I also applied Smudge Stick Filter to create the matte effect. In this illustration, I… Continue reading

Doodle: Reading is Good for Imagination

Infographics: E-Channel Mgt

E-channels are popular today in banking industry. ATMS, internet and mobile banking allow customers to view their account and pay their bills online wherever and whenever they want to since e-channels are designed… Continue reading

Infographics: Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology is the trend today. HP Enterprise and VMware are spreading awareness with this technical architecture. The public nowadays are storing their data such as photos, mp3s and documents. Corporate setting areĀ … Continue reading

Infographics: Sumer

Sumer is believed to be the oldest civilization. Their gods are the Annunaki who built their civilization. Annunaki invented the first form of writing called cuneiform. A wedge shaped stylus was used to… Continue reading

Infographics: Server Management

I was asked to create an infographics about Server Management. What I included in the content are its function, processing components, how to manage servers, server design and its strategic nature. Server runs… Continue reading

Infographics: Gods of Mesopotamia

The ancient past has so may records of deities that visited the Earth and civilized humans. Although they seems extra terrestrial in nature, ancient people regarded them as gods. I considered to include… Continue reading

Infographics: Ishtar Gate

The Ishtar Gate for me is extremely fabulous. I choose this topic for my infographics out of fascination. It is made of blue glazed bricks by which how they were created during ancient… Continue reading

Infographics: Babylon

Babylon is the golden empire during ancient times. It is located in Mesopotamia. Nebuchadnezzar II is the famous king of Babylon who conquered Egypt and Israel,the latter for 70 years as written in… Continue reading